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Uniform Rocker UIM Tab Patches

Uniform Rocker UIM Tab Patches
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Unit Abbreviation - The information entered will be embroidered onto a single tab EXACTLY as entered, it WILL NOT be edited for spelling or capitalization.: Length: 
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NOTE: If ordering multiple UIM tabs, please order a separate tab for each. The information entered above in the unit abbreviation block will be embroidered onto a single UIM tab EXACTLY as entered. It WILL NOT be edited for spelling or capitalization.

United States Navy Uniform Marks marks are embroidered with 1/4 inch high White block lettering on a Black background. UIM strips are 1/2 inch wide and are available in two lengths, 5 inches and 5-3/4 inches.

22 December 1983

Quantity pricing applies to a single embroidered command. Due to limitation of the Shopping Cart, lower prices might be displayed due to the addition of multiple smaller quantities added together. Please note that if required, prices will be billed correctly before your order is shipped.

Availabity Varies with Quantity Ordered, Approximately 2wks/1000. For smaller quantities (less than 34 tabs) please allow 2-3 weeks to process and ship. In an attempt to minimize waste, smaller orders are collected and embroidered in batches of 34 UIM Tabs per a single run.

Please enter your information carefully, You will receive exactly what you enter above.

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