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BUPERS NOTICE 1020 Pers-18/NMPC-04 22 December 1983


From: Chief of Naval Personnel To: All Ships and Stations (less Marine Corps field addressees not having Navy personnel attached)

Subj: Unit Identification Marks

Ref: (a) US Navy Uniform Regulations, 1981

Encl: (1) List of Authorized Units (2) Contract and Ordering Information

1. Purpose. To promulgate information and authorization for wearing Unit Identifcation Marks (UIM).

2. Background. UIMs originally stem from the unit name cap ribbon, which was a mark of distinction for seagoing personnel. UIMs were authorized for operating forces personnel prior to the introduction of the service dress blue coat and tie style uniform in 1973. With the return to the traditional jumper uniform, and in keeping with the pride and professionalism program, UIMs are being reintroduced for wear on the Naval uniform. The primary objectives of wearing UIMs are to provide public recognition as members of the Operating Forces and enhance unit pride.

3. Eligibility Criteria. Enclosure (1) lists those units considered eligible to wear UIMs with examples of approved abbreviations. Subunits of authorized units will wear the unit identification mark of the parent command. For the purpose of determining eligibility to wear UIMs, units must meet one of the following criteria:

a. operational Staffs; b. commissioned Ships and Squadrons (Includes Naval Reserve Reinforcement and Augment Personnel); and, c. units whose mission requires shipboard or advanced base operations.

4. Discussion. Enlisted personnel below chief petty officer assigned to any of the types of operational Naval forces listed enclosure (1) for permanent duty are authorized to wear UIMs on the right sleeve of service dress jumper uniforms, winter blue shirts and short sleeved white shirts. These marks shall be in inch white block lettering embroidered on black background inch wide and shall be worn parallel to and with top edge 3/8 inch below lower row of shoulder sleeve stitching. They shall be centered on the outer face of the sleeve and shall be sewn on with colorfast blue thread. UIMs are authorized in two lengths, 5 inches and 5-3/4 inches, to accommodate length of unit names. The lettering on the UIMs shall be in accordance with the approved abbreviation of the particular unit. Upon reporting for duty, E1 through E6 personnel will be issued UIMs, seven for men and six for women. Organizations are authorized to purchase UIMs from O&MN funds. UIMs will be ordered in accordance with procedures at enclosure (2).

5. Action

a. Commanding Officers shall disseminate the information as appropriate.

b. This notice shall be filled with reference (a).

6. Cancellation Contingency. This notice is canceled when incorporated into reference (a).

DAVID L. HARLOW Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel

Distribution: SNDL Parts 1 and 2

Enclosure (1)

LIST OF AUTHORIZED UNITS UNIT EXAMPLE OF NAME RANK Special Commands, Groups and Units BMU2 Administrative Commands and Units NAVSUPPFORANTARCTICA Squadron, Division and Group Commanders - Ships COMCRUDESGRU 8 Commissioned Ships USS NEWPORT Service Craft AFDL 6 DSV/DSRV Readiness and Training COMSUBDEVGRU 1 Construction Battalions, Regiments and Detachments NMCB 4 Military Sealift Commands COMSCLANT Fleet Air Commands COMFAIRKEFLAVIK Air Wings Staffs COMCARAIRWING 6 Aircraft Squadrons FITRON 14 Source: United States. Bureau of Naval Personnel. "Unit Identification Marks." BUPERS Notice. 1020. 22 December 1983.

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